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Started by the Hong Kong Coffee Culture Exchange Association (HKCCEA) - a non-profit organization promoting coffee culture & knowledge. 


Sustainability is the minimum condition that our planet needs to continue to maintain all life and systems in the future. It is the bottom line for maintenance of environmental, social and economic factors. Sustainability is important because all of the choices we make today will affect our future. Coffee is one of the world's largest trading commodity besides oil and corn. It's a multi-billion dollar business. Coffee cultivation has a huge impact on the planets resources and those employed in it's production.


We aim to raise public awareness of sustainability and ethical considerations in coffee consumption. Join our forum to discuss, learn and find solutions. And this is not only for consumers. Producers, corporations, coffee importers & retailers can strategize by joining the sustainability conversation, learning how to adapt to a changing world.


We rely on your input and skills to drive the forum in order to decide what should be worked on and how. The discussions that take place within the forum are the basis for projects in the overall program. A participative approach needs diverse perspectives so if you have an interest in coffee, environmentalism or sustainable development we encourage you to join in. Follow us on facebook and learn about our events and research.

Finca Cocondo Visit

In September I paid a short visit to Finca Cocondo in Antioquia, Colombia near Titiribi. It is southwest of the city of Medellin along the river Cauca at around 1700 Mts above sea level. On the farm you can see across the valley to the river below.

Eco Mushroom Farm Visit - Mushroom Initiative

About 30 of us visited an Organic Mushroom Farm at the weekend in Tai Po. The weather was great !  I learnt about this farm becuase it uses coffee grounds and soy waste in its substrate. The spent substrate is then used as fertiliser on the farm to grow veggies - closing the circle. This is significant because many mushroom growing enterprises use wood chips, actively engaging in deforestation to create a supply of substrate. A non profit called the Mushroom Initiative runs the farm along with some farmers. They are not growing on an industrial scale with industrial processes. They grow ...

Silo Visit

Recently I read about Silo, a UK restaurant based in Brighton that won a sustainable award. So on a recent trip to the UK I took the opportunity to arrange visit and ask some questions. They were happy to show me what they were up to. The interior is all upcycled - done to save money more than anything. It has that industrial look - timber,steel.

Event photos

Citizens on the move

Eco Mushroom Farm Visit

Envision an eco cafe

Ethical Consumption

Sedan Chair 2013


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HKCCEA was registered in accordance with the provisions of section 5A91 of the Societies Ordinance on 2010-04-16

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