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Recently I read about Silo, a UK restaurant based in Brighton that won a sustainable award. So on a recent trip to the UK I took the opportunity to arrange visit and ask some questions. They were happy to show me what they were up to. The interior is all upcycled - done to save money more than anything. It has that industrial look - timber,steel.


Their approach to reducing their carbon footprint comes by considering how food was produced before industrialization. So what does this mean in practice  ? 

  • All their suppliers must provide re-useable containers for their deliveries. They get their milk in pails like the olden days. 
  • They mill their own flour ( pictured below). 
  • The focus is on organic and local. 

In this way they were able to drastically reduce packaging which was important in their goal to be zero-waste.




  • They generate about 3-4 KGs of organic waste per day - an amazingly small amount ! The organic waste that they do generate goes into the electric composter pictured below.

For the future they are looking at ways to reduce their energy and water consumption. I noticed they were cooking on induction so i guess they are trying to avoid the use of fossil fuels in house. I enjoyed my short visit - i could have spent longer to be honest but i am grateful they were able to take some time out. I plan on visiting the GrainStore in London for my next post. 

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