Finca Cocondo Visit

In September I paid a short visit to Finca Cocondo in Antioquia, Colombia near Titiribi. It is southwest of the city of Medellin along the river Cauca at around 1700 Mts above sea level. On the farm you can see across the valley to the river below.

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Eco Mushroom Farm Visit - Mushroom Initiative

About 30 of us visited an Organic Mushroom Farm at the weekend in Tai Po. The weather was great !  I learnt about this farm becuase it uses coffee grounds and soy waste in its substrate. The spent substrate is then used as fertiliser on the farm to grow veggies - closing ...

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Silo Visit

Recently I read about Silo, a UK restaurant based in Brighton that won a sustainable award. So on a recent trip to the UK I took the opportunity to arrange visit and ask some questions. They were happy to show me what they were up to. The interior is all ...

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Ahka Ama ( Thailand Coffee )

Great talk from Lee last night. He runs a social enterprise, Akha Ama, helping coffee farmers in Thailand, specifically the Ahka tribe. He grew up there and rather than pursue a career away from the village after graduating he decided to help his village through selling their coffee.

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Let's talk coffee (March 2015) - Ecomills

Ecomills, developed by Cenicafé in Colombia are small scale coffee processing mills that use considerably less water and generate much less waste than conventional mills - helping to lower the ecological footprint of producers.

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